Pre-2019 Agendas (see web browser compatibility below)

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General Plan Action Committee Agendas

The City of Lake Forest is revising its General Plan. For General Plan Action Committee(GPAC) information and agendas, please click here.

Web Browser Compatibility

  Internet Explorer 9, 11
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   Yes      No (3)
 No (2)
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NOTE: This data is based on information from the agenda software publisher, Hyland Software.
(1)  Hyland reports it “sometimes” works if Internet Explorer is run in compatibility mode. 
(2)  Hyland reports Live Streaming will not work on Apple products due to incompatibility with the Microsoft Silverlight viewer.
(3)  Hyland reports On-Demand viewing to work if the “html 5 patch” is installed; however this patch is a beta release and not
sanctioned by Microsoft.